How Can I Be So Hood but Im So Fucking POP

Hi i'm Prince or Princeton whichever I believe im quite interesting. i always do me. Just know i Vomit my mind quite often. But you'll love me tho. I Live for GAGA Britney Marina MIley & NICKI just know lol. I am a fan boy you will see anything from Sailor Moon to Harry Potter, Charmed to SKINS. I got this Amazing Boyfriend (Michael) he's my other half and i love him more than i could ever say. text me if you want 773-962-7794 . Just try and let the love in everyone. Peace love and SEX kids.
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when you see a hot guy in public and you’re like


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Sex tip from Martha Stewart: Store your frequent flyers in a spice rack so you don’t have to dig through your drawers #itsagoodthing

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homosexuals think they have a sense of fashion but they are tragically mistaken. 

Go back to reblogging chevron print and eating mayo out of the jar you pretentious result of a failed abortion


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Eye brows done & lip pierced = Feeling myself

Thanks… #bangerztour2014 #bangerztourstloius #miley #mileycyrus

She cancelled my show… I really hope she feels better soon. I should’ve gone to Chicago. I’m currently crying in public because I should’ve gone with my gut and got her tix instead of Demi. #ishouldboughtmileyfirstbutimnoTbitter #okthatsalie #imsatly #miley#mileyray #mileycyrus #cyrus #bangerz #bangerztour #bangeztour #bangerztour2014

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